Consider obtaining several "Market Evaluations" of your property. Check the current and proposed zoning for your neighbourhood. Compare the price you want for your home with other SIMILAR RECENT SALES in your own neighbourhood. If it is lower than the current market, it could sell immediately, and possibly, at a financial loss to you! If it is too high, it may not attract showings and probably won't sell at alL.
  2. Consider allowing your agent to have a professional photographer take colour pictures and virtual picture tours of your home to post on the internet for potential Buyers to view. These pictures should be taken on a "Blue Sky" type of day.
  3. LAWNS & YARD - remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens, water lawns.
  4. FRONT OF HOUSE - paint wood siding, fix or wash railings, steps, storms, screens and front door.
  5. Consider a power wash on all concrete walkways, driveways and patios.
  6. OTHER EXTERIOR - Check and repair side or back doors, gutters, wash windows and paint fence and replace any broken fence posts if necessary.
  7. GARAGE - Straighten up, paint, fix or wash weather beaten doors and windows.
  8. WINDOWS - Check all the windows for cracks or for windows that have lost their seals. Replace and/or repair as necessary.
  9. PLUMBING - repair dripping faucets, leaky toilets, water stains in ceilings. Check the condition and age of the hot water tank.
  10. HEATING AND COOLING - Consider having the furnace and gas fireplaces serviced by a professional technician.
  11. LIGHTS - replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches.
  12. HALL and STAIRS - remove any clutter to give wide appearance.
  13. Check the age and condition of the roof and gutters to at least see if it would pass a professional house inspection.
  14. Check for the presence of moisture in crawl spaces.
  15. Hardware - Oil hinges, tighten door knobs, faucets.
  16. General condition - Dust, wash, paint walls based on what would appeal to the widest possible number of buyers. Fix defects as required. Clean or Replace worn carpet.
  17. Too many vehicles in driveway or in front of the house give the impression of crowding & may detract from the look of the house.


  1. Kitchen - Stove (including the inside), refrigerator, B/I dishwasher and sink should be clean and spotless, & work space clear.
  2. Bathrooms - should be neat, spotless and fresh. Repair broken putty and any water damage around tub.
  3. Closets - Untidy or over crowded closets suggest inadequate storage.

NOTE: The items and areas mentioned above are simply a partial list of items to consider when selling and this list is subject to change without notice. These days, most homes are inspected by professional house inspectors at the request of their Buyers prior to subjects being removed on a sale.


  1. Make your home convenient to show! Eliminate roadblocks that would reduce showings. A example might be "no showings for 48 hours". The key word here is EXPOSURE. Give your home all the EXPOSURE you can. When you are not home or at work, ensure your home still available for showings and no phone calls are missed!
  2. The presence of children, pets and adults can keep buyers from feeling at ease while they look through a home. For showings, potential purchasers tend to stay much longer and appreciate the home more with less people (including the sellers and other agents) and animals present.
  3. Tell your Realtor what you like about the house, the yard, the location of schools and parks for use in creating better write-ups on your house.
  4. Keep personal items and valuables locked away.
  5. Turn on all lights for the entire showing. Open drapes in the daytime, close them at night.
  6. Strong cooking, animal or smoking odors can ruin sales. Make sure your home is fresh for showings.
  7. Provide a FEATURE SHEET WITH PICTURES describing your home outlining room sizes, lot size, easements, hydro bills, and taxes.
  8. Allow the Buyers sales person to show your home to his/her clients. Avoid the tendency to personally show your own home to potential purchasers.
  9. Have a site survey available.

John Leather April 9, 2017

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